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Effluent  Treatment  Plant.



Effluent Treatment Plant for Paint Shop: Aqua fresh water technology Paint Shop Effluent Treatment Plants (APSETP) have features compact design a completely packaged unit. These next generation plants contain exhaustive chemical treatment in a ready to install packaged steel unit, which is containerized ready to ship. The system comprises of series of chemical reaction tanks working in series to separate or neutralize toxic polluting contaminants including paint in effluent. The treated output can be reused for auxiliary applications.

Effluent Treatment Plant for Textile Dyeing Industry: We successfully installed Industrial effluent treatment plant for treating waste water in textile dyeing industries across the globe. The effluent from this industry generally consists of high amount of salts such as sodium sulphate or sodium chloride.

For the purpose, first Evaporation, then Crystallization of Salts and thereafter centrifuging is done to dewater the salt output from crystallizer.

Effluent Treatment Plant for Dairy: Our Effluent Treatment Plant is a revolutionary way to treat diary factory effluent wastewater. These system are specially designed for the treatment of typical effluent with high concentration of organic matter and nutrient loads related to the production cycle. The advanced system can effectively handle high fluctuations in quality and quantities of effluent at different times.

Effluent Treatment Plant for Electroplating Industry: We expertise in manufacturing an advanced range of effluent treatment plant for application in electroplating industry. This industry has been primarily categorized as a pollutant industry, due to presence of highly toxic contents such as chrome, cyanide etc. Our effluent treatment plant are specially designed to recover many precious metals such as chrome from the effluent.

Kitchen Wastewater Treatment Plant: We also offer wastewater treatment plants specially designed for filtering solid waste generated from kitchen. These plants can be easily installed in Restaurants, Caterers Kitchens, Hotels and other canteens. Avion has developed a various treatment plant complete with oil skimmers, solid pulper or disintegrator.